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As anticipated, last week Governor Pritzker announced a statewide shutdown of the indoor bar and dining services when the positivity rate for the Coronavirus exceeded the threshold set to ensure the safety of Illinoisans. In his executive order, the importance of mask-wearing and social distancing was reiterated for businesses, no matter the type. In general, businesses are ordered to maintain all required COVID-19 safety procedures and to limit their indoor meeting capacity to 25 or less. 

Over the past seven months, Classic Care adjusted the way we normally do business to ensure the safety of all employees. And so far, we have managed well, but naturally, there have been lapses in safety precautions as people began to feel reassured that there was some obvious decline in the transmission rate and subsequently a decline in the number of related deaths. The sense of solace was not specific to Classic Care employees, but consistent with what was occurring throughout the nation as people generally felt relief and slightly comfortable with the declining rates. However, the recent surge of the coronavirus in the Midwest has once again reminded us of the dire predictions for the winter months, and that we need to re-impose the COVID 19 safety measures that have been previously created. We intend to comply with the rules as set forth by those in authority so that there is no question that we are doing the right thing, and first and foremost, keeping employees as safe as possible.   

Getting Back to the Basic-Field Personnel 

While we cannot fully control the customer’s environment for those working in the field, we will continue to do what we can. As we have, we intend to continue providing our field staff with protective equipment, and we will begin offering the same PPE to clients who do not have protective equipment. We are asking our customers to limit their interactions with individuals not a part of their household to help suppress the possible transmission of COVID 19 to them or our workers. Also, we want to make it known to employees in the field that they are required to keep masks and gloves on whenever they are at work and providing service to customers. To enhance the safety of field employees, we are adding new PPE items, disposal gowns, and booties, to further protect workers servicing customers. Finally, we will continue to contract with Care Connect Services which provides the mobile application that sends a daily questionnaire to home care aides concerning possible COVID19 symptomatology.

Getting Back to Basics-Office Employees

In the office, the concern about contracting the virus diverges because the issue is that more individuals are gathering in the same place. Many of us are still working a modified work schedule, but frankly, that is not enough and we can do more to keep ourselves safer. 

In this case, we need to follow some specific rules and recommendations. For the most part, we are limited in the number of persons who can occupy the office at a given time. By the governor mandate, our capacity cannot exceed more than 25, and we have not no intentions of coming anywhere near that capacity. However, there are some failures that we do need to correct to ensure everyone is safe as we work together. Therefore, we are reminding everyone of the following office protocols and rules.

Each employee must remain within their destined departments unless it is totally necessary for you to venture. You should not be in someone’s workspace unless this is the best and most appropriate way for you to complete a work task. Whenever and whatever you can communicate by phone, this should be the first option.  

The Intake Department must filter and disperse calls appropriately without making unnecessary trips to other departments. This will eliminate unnecessary traffic and people interactions within the office. Calls should be triaged before being transferred to other parties. This involves making a phone assessment as to the nature of the call/caller before transferring the call to the most appropriate person to help resolve the caller’s request.

Clean Workstations: Everyone must clean their workstation, including the telephone, days before, and after use. This is particularly and extremely necessary if you work in an open area and/or share a workstation with someone who works on an alternate day.  

Community Property: If you use any community property in the office, you are required to sanitize your hands before and after use. As an extra measure you may also clean the equipment after use: i.e. copy machine and microwave is considered community property.  

Social Distancing and Masking: If you are in a room with more than one person, there is a need to ensure that your workstation is 6 feet away from your co-worker. When this is not possible, a mask must be worn by you and anyone less than 6 feet away from you. You should only approach someone’s desk when it is necessary, and if that occurs, both parties should be masked. A mask is required when walking through the office and/or away from your desk.

Office Visitors: No office visitors should be allowed by the Intake Dept. personnel to come into the main office without a normal temperature reading. Office visitors are invited by appointment only. As was previously we need to eliminate or minimize the use of our facilities by outside visitors.  

Helping Each Other: While this pandemic has been with us for a while, it is still an abnormal phenomenon to have to wear a mask and social distance. Therefore, we are going to have times when someone forgets to social distance, wear a mask, clean equipment, etc., so let’s help each other to stay safe. Don’t accept that someone is not wearing a mask, but for the safety of all, remind them that their behavior is risky and that they should do the right thing. 

We welcome all suggestions and thank everyone as we are Staying Safe at Home and Work.

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